Emergency Call Out Perth

Quick & Reliable Emergency Services

With the increase in extreme weather conditions in Perth, storms and high winds have increasingly caused damage to trees which in turn have caused damage to property or risked personal safety.

 You Need a Professional

If you find yourself in an emergency tree removal situation where a tree has fallen on your house, car or other structure on your property, you must immediately contact an insured emergency tree removal arborist. A person without experience attempting to remove the tree themselves can cause further damage to your property and put their personal safety at risk as well.

Assured Tree Services has a highly trained team of arborists that are experienced in emergency tree removal situations. We work to a high standard of safety at all times and will quickly and safely remove fallen or storm damaged trees, preventing further damage to you and your property. Using specialised equipment for the job, we assure your complete safety and security of your home, your neighbours and their homes.

24-hour Emergency Call Outs

For urgent and dangerous situations we offer 24-hour emergency tree assistance in Perth. For urgent out-of-hours assistance, please contact Steve on 0417 938 353. Our trained team will evaluate the problem on site and make the situation safe, reducing the risk of any further damage from fallen trees. We will then return during daylight hours to permanently remove any downed trees or branches.

When do you Need Emergency Storm Damage Service?

  • Trees have fallen onto your house or car
  • Trees or branches are blocking roads or driveways
  • Trees are close to power lines
  • Trees have been damaged and limbs broken that are posing a significant danger
  • Trees are leaning and have exposed roots

Fast Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal can often be a very difficult job. Storm damage removal requires a different set of skills to those of regular tree work. The specialised skills and extensive experience that Assured Tree Services offer allow fast and efficient tree removal in what can be a potentially dangerous situation.

Structurally unsound trees and/or exposed roots need to be assessed by a certified arborist. These trees will need to be cut down and removed if they are deemed hazardous. Our stump grinding service can also assist you at this time.

Tree limbs that are broken should be removed soon after a storm as they can pose a significant danger to property and personal safety. Assured Tree Services can offer a risk assessment on your trees that may have been weakened after a storm to assess any potential dangers.

Tree Emergency Prevention

To prevent your trees becoming damaged and posing a real threat to your property and safety during heavy storms, it is a good idea to consider regular tree pruning, tree removal and maintenance. Especially for large trees, pruning during the winter months can protect against a situation where emergency tree removal is essential.

The WA State Emergency Service (SES) recommends that residents should prepare themselves and their homes for heavy rainfall and strong winds. Being proactive in having a certified arborist check your trees periodically and identify any hazards can prevent the headache that comes with an emergency situation.

Consult Assured Tree Services for any advice needed on 0417 938 353 for a quick assessment.