Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services Perth

At Assured Tree Services, our first preference is to preserve your tree, but sometimes tree removal is a necessary last option for when a tree cannot be pruned to reduce a hazard.  Our qualified Arborists can determine whether pruning can restore the health, appearance and safety of your tree, or whether the tree should be removed.

Assured Tree Services are a team of fully qualified Tree Surgeons that ensure the removal of your tree with the utmost care for your property and garden.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Overgrown root system causing damage to underground piping or foundations
  • A tree is dead, dying or diseased and has become a safety hazard
  • Some species are noxious or undesirable for the area
  • Land clearing for residential/commercial development
  • Emergency tree removal after a severe storm
  • Rural bushfire prevention, vegetation/tree clearing

Tree removal may seem as easy as cutting a tree and pulling it with a rope, but it can be a dangerous procedure to take an entire tree down to the ground without affecting anyone or anything in the surroundings. Tree removal should be done by professionals as many things can go wrong if not done correctly.

Why Hire a Professional?

Assured Tree Services remove trees in a safe and efficient manner.  Our extensive experience, high standards of safety, and use of the correct machinery and equipment allow us to complete the whole process quickly.  We have a large range of specialist equipment, so we can assist you with even the most difficult types of tree removal in Perth.  We can safely and efficiently remove trees that are difficult to access, dangerous trees, small or large trees.  We carefully take into consideration the size, condition and type of tree, and the surroundings.

We ensure that absolute care is taken so that no damage is done to the property or the surrounding areas. We then clean up the property so your outdoor environment is left tidy.

We can also mulch and cut down the tree for firewood for your use on request, free of charge.

At Assured Tree Services, you can rest assured that your tree removal is in safe and capable hands.

Call the owner, Steve on 0417 938 353 or contact us today and Steve will meet you onsite to discuss your tree removal needs.