Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping Services Perth

We sometimes get asked by our customers if we do tree lopping.  This term is widely misunderstood by the general public as a general term for a range of tree services, but to professional arborists, tree lopping is the indiscriminate cutting of branches that is detrimental to trees.  It is considered an unacceptable practice by national tree associations and does not comply with Australian Standards.

Tree Lopping is Damaging to Trees

When a tree is lopped, most or all of the leaves are removed.  This starves the tree of its ability to create food and energy, causing the tree to become stressed and struggle to recover, making it vulnerable to disease, pests and decay.

When new growths emerge, they are poorly attached and as these growths get bigger and heavier, they are much more susceptible to breakage which can cause injury to a person or damage to property.

It’s Only a Temporary Solution

If you hire a tree lopper to initially cut down on costs, it will usually cost you more in the end.  Tree lopping may provide quick results, but you’ll often have to continue lopping it to remove the wild and unstable growth that usually follows.  This means the added costs of additional maintenance, as well as addressing the problems your tree will suffer with as a result of lopping, possibly for years to come.

The Best Alternative

If you have a tree you are concerned about that may be close to electricity service lines, over roofs, swimming pools or driveways,  Assured Tree Services have the professional know-how, with use of advanced techniques, to deliver the result you want while keeping the structural integrity of the tree and reducing the danger.  

To maintain the tree to a suitable size for the area it is in, and help it to sustain a long healthy life, a regular pruning and maintenance program can be established.   Our qualified Arborists at Assured Tree Services can determine what type of pruning is best for the individual tree to maintain its health and improve its appearance and safety.

If the tree is too big for the area in which it is located, or it is unsafe, you may want to consider removing the tree completely and starting again.

Assured Tree Services can expertly assess your tree and give you the advice you need, offering techniques and alternatives that are more beneficial to your trees.

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