Power Line Clearance

Certified Power Line Clearance Services

Trees growing near power lines and service wires must be trimmed on a regular basis as it is essential to ensure the lines are not damaged and to reduce the risk of fire and/or electrocution. Power outage from fallen branches or trees can not only affect your property, but the whole street.

Safety Comes First

DO NOT attempt to clear trees from power lines yourself, the risk of accidental electrocution is too high. Always use certified and experienced arborists to safely remove the trees or branches.

At Assured Tree Services, we are fully certified to undertake High and Low Voltage power line and house line clearances in Perth as per Western Power specifications. We understand the safety concerns and have the specialised training and equipment, including insulated Elevated Work Platforms and insulated tools, to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

Our accredited and qualified arborists are also available to assess the hazard and give expert advice on the best way to ensure the power lines are kept safe from damage.

For more information regarding our Power Line Clearance in Perth, call Steve on 0417 938 353 or contact us today and we can meet you onsite to discuss your Power Line hazard.